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Download Monster Shake [FULL] APK+OBB

Download Monster Shake [FULL] APK+OBB - This is a special time in our history - it only happens once every 10 000 years. It's the only worldwide tournament crowning the strongest, quickest, smartest and most agile monster of all!
This is… Monster Shake!

Monster Shake is a shake’em up for up to eight players. It’s a fun and exciting game for all, in which your objective is to push your opponent to the other side of the arena during an eventful duel. It's best played as a party game, but you can also enjoy it solo. You become the monster of your choice and battle it out for the title of the one and only Shake Master. The monsters are giant, cool, and incredibly strong! Use the new, revolutionary game controller DICE+, or play without it, to push your opponent into a corner and advance in the tournament. Activate special bonuses for the extra push and enjoy beautifully drawn, scary yet funny, monsters. Take part in this historic event, conquer and destroy! Everybody is waiting to see who the winner is!

Play now FOR FREE to test it out! New, incredible features coming soon!

Play Monster Shake to:

- Marvel at the new, innovative type of gameplay!

- Monster Shake is the ideal party game - invite your friends over and get this tournament going, to decide who is the ultimate Shake Master! Or train solo to perfect your shake skills.

- Show off your physical strength, endurance and reflexes - take control over 1 of the 8 giant monsters and win in sparring using abilities unique to every monster.

- Use special bonuses that require really fast fingers!

- Enjoy the cartoonish, hand-drawn graphics.

- Conquer each of the 4 available arenas.

- Use your real life stamina to shake and move the new, revolutionary game controller DICE+, in order to defeat your opponents and get your daily dose of physical training. Or play traditionally - without the controller.

Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

Screenshots :

Download : 167Mb APK+OBB


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